A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

A fun new game from Big Trash Games. 

Join Spider-Man on his quest to become a real Avenger. 

  • Sling webs
  • Defeat villains 
  • Collect power-ups
  • Overthrow small-time governments

"This high-flying adventure really makes you feel like Spider-Man." - IGN

"It was OK I guess. Better than No Man's Sky." - Some Guy

"I am a hack fraud" - Phil Fish


Mouse: Aim

Left Click (hold): Web Sling

WASD: Steer

ESC: Pause


If you come across and typos in the game its because we don't speak English.

We did not test the mac version so it might explode your computer.


SpidermanWin11.zip 135 MB
SpidermanMac11.zip 152 MB


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Could you please tell us what each of the powerups are?
I didn't collect any pizza and I think it's health and now I can't pass level 4.

They're in the pause menu.
Now I'm trying to wonder how to avoid the bullets while also staying on path...?

Gold <3 :)